Even the best treatments are not as powerful as preventive health management:
Together with modern technology and new effective drugs to control diabetes, blood cholesterol and blood pressure, Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes(TLC) program can achieve unbelievably good results at a much lower cost with lasting benefits to physical, cardio vascular & mental health of the patients. Slowing down and even reversal of atheroslcerotic process with significant reduction in symptoms, complications & deaths are all very much possible with TLC Programs.
Heart Has Amazing Capacity To Develope “Natural Bypass”:
Nature has bestowed human heart with amazing capacity of self-healing of blockages (including reversal) and developing ‘Natural Bypass’. It is clear that with regular exercise of sufficient intensity and duration, the new network of blood vessels called the collateral microcirculation provides alternative ways for the blood to get to its destination. This explains why so many patients with apparently severe coronary artery disease do not have symptoms, nor are they at high risk of a heart attack.
Reversal Of Atherosclerosis – A Proven Reality.
Several recent studies have proved beyond doubt that fatty deposit causing heart disease can be reversed (Circulation journal, August 2004 article) and even a small degree of reversal of 3 to 10% and plaque stabilization by aggressive medical management and Therapeutic Lifestyle Change (TLC) Program can surprisingly reduce symptoms of angina and risk of heart attack by 40 to 60%.
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