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 Preventive Health
  First important stop for  preventing heart disease


'Cardio Uno Plus' is a program for RESTORING HEALTH AND PREVENTION OF HEART DISEASE. In other words, it is a program for rehabilitation and comprehensive risk reduction through EXERCISE – EDUCATION – AND – COUNSELLING. We provide specialized guidance for medically supervised exercise program, dietary modifications, stress – psychological problems of the heart patients, yoga – relaxation techniques, etc. along with an excellent, intensive health education program with slide-shows – video cassettes–brochures, etc.
Heart Disease Is Still Number One Killer
Everyday 2500 Indians die and many more become invalid due to heart disease. The incidence & death rate of heart disease is alarmingly increasing inspite of an enormous expenditure on bypass surgeries & angioplasties which sadly provide no lasting solution . New blockages can develop and cause heart attacks & deaths even after bypass or angioplasty.
Heart Disease - A Result of Ignorance
No treatment can be effective in the face of ignorance. Identifying and knowing your risk factors and assessing your own cardiac fingerprint is the first crucial step in your journey to heart disease prevention.
Take our preventive cardiac Health checkup and get your CAD Risk score to plan future strategy. Our Cardio Uno Plus health education program will give you understanding about controlling risk factors & making Lifestyle changes.
Taking Control of your Cardiac Destiny– Why not change the things you can!
No treatment works well for long unless YOU understand, learn about and participate actively in disease management. You can override the destiny encoded in your genes as they play only 20-30% role while 70% game is in your hands. Join Cardio Uno Plus and take the 'Risk' out of your risk factors by changing your life style with expert medical guidence
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