Conquering Coronary Artery Disease [CAD]
The Indian Epidemic of Coronary Artery Disease [CAD]
Every hour approx 90 Indians are dying due to heart      disease.
By 2020 33% of India’s  population will be dying of      cardiovascular diseases. 
As per the  WHO expert committee estimates, by the      year 2025, India will have the highest number of      patients of heart disease, diabetes and high BP in the      world.
Rs.10,000 crores / year being spent for CAD treatment 
Yet CAD  incidence – death rate are rising  unchecked      and alarmingly.
Bypass/Angioplasty-No solution to rising CAD incidence & deaths :-
Atherosclerosis is a diffuse disease and relentlessly progresses if the risk factors are not controlled.

          Most heart patients have several developing fat-rich blockages scattered throughout the coronary arterial tree. These cholesterol rich plaques with thin covering cap can rapidly grow when risk factors are uncontrolled and can precipitate heart attack by plaque rupture and blood clot formation. Studies have shown that most heart attacks occur due to clot formation at younger plaques with less than 70% blockages and the risk of getting heart attack remains almost the same even after surgery or angioplasty if the risk factors are not controlled.

To stabilize these blockages one has to have tight and consistent control of all the risk factors like diabetes, blood pressure,  cholesterol, stress, obesity, tobacco etc. and for this patients need scientifically designed professionally guided program of education, counseling, and exercise and cardiac rehabilitation programs are meant just for this.
Cardiac Rehabilitation –Minimizing Disability :

Cardiac Rehabilitation is the process of development and maintenance of optimum level of physical, social and psychological well–being after the onset of cardiovascular illness. It has now become anaccepted, integral component of patient care after acute myocardial infarction and cardiac surgical procedures.

         All the patients who have had heart attack, bypass surgery or angioplasty
 must enroll in cardiac rehabilitation and risk factors control programs in
which a multispeciality team of cardiologist, dietitian, exercise physiologist, yoga- stress management expert and health educator provide a well structured and scientifically designed program for improving fitness and controllingthe risk factors of heart disease. Such medically supervised programs are very popular in western countries and are known as Therapeutic Lifestyle Change [TLC]

Programs. Such programs  not only help patients to regain active, enjoyable life but also reduce the risk of future heart attack or repeat operations by 30 to 50%.
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