Heart Can Develop Natural Bypass
Many times we see 100% blockage in some coronary artery on angiography without any heart muscle damage or heart attack or even any symptoms of angina. Even echo - cardiogram also reveals that heart muscle fed by that blocked artery is functioning normally. How is this possible? There can be only one explanation and that is, the heart muscle must be getting blood supply from an alternative route – the tiny, multiple collateral blood vessels of the heart establishing a “Natural Bypass”.
The Heart's Microcirculation:
Coronary Angiography mostly shows only larger arteries. But 90% of all the blood vessels of the heart are smaller than one-half m.m. diameter and most of them may not be seen on angiogram. These small blood vessels are called heart's micro-circulation which has several interconnections between left and right coronary arteries & also among major branches within them.

These tiny collateral blood vessels have an amazing capacity to grow when needed - both in number as well as in size. And so, by the time a particular coronary blockage develops over a time, these multiple collaterals grow and make alternative routes around the blockage creating a ‘Natural Bypass'.
It is well known that the body is endowed with tremendous healing powers and we are all capable of building new blood vessels when we need to. What happens when a coronary artery becomes occluded is quite unique. Upstream from the narrowed or obstructed arteries, new blood vessels sprout out from the wall of the artery much like buds from a branch of a tree. This takes place under a process known as angiogenesis (angio meaning “new vessels” and genesis meaning “birth of”). These new vessels grow and reinsert into the obstructed mother artery down stream from the obstruction. Alternatively, the new vessels can also connect up with a nearby healthy vessel. In either case, the heart creates its own bypasses. We call these new vessels the collateral circulation of the heart. It takes time for this to happen, and it isn't an instant process compared to bypass surgery. The advantage, however, is that the heart's own bypasses are not accompanied by the threat of dangerous surgical complications, they will last for life, and they are certainly less
How Cardio Uno Plus helps developing Natural Bypass
A) Medically supervised ECG monitored exercise ensures safer & more intensity exercise to develop collateral blood vessels faster & more effectively.
B) Expert multispeciality medical team counselling can help you obtain ideal control of your risk factors like diabetes, high BP, cholesterol, weight & stress. This will help you stabilize or even reverse your coronary artery blockages.
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