Heart Attack - Are you at risk?

By answering a few simple questions, you can get a good idea of your own risk of developing heart disease over the next 10 years. To take this quiz, you will need to know your blood pressure, total cholesterol, body weight and blood sugar levels.

I am [Age]                                       Risk Score

  My total cholesterol is             Risk Score

Male under 40 ------------------------------- 1 200 mg/dL of below --------------------- 0
Male 40 or older -----------------------------2 200 to 240 mg/dL ------------------------1
Female before menopause ----------------- 1 Above 240 mg/dL-------------------------2
Female after menopause ------------------- 2  

My Body Weight is

My blood pressure is

Normal ----------------------------------------0 Below 120/80----------------------------- 0
Up to 10% overweight -----------------------1 Between 120/80 and 140/90-------------1
More than 10% overweight------------------ 2 Above 140/90 ---------------------------- 2
I exercise [Walking, Cycling, Swimming, sports My smoking or Tobacco history is
etc.] Never smoked ---------------------------- 0
More than 30 minutes most days of Quit more than three years ago ---------1
      the week-------------------------------------- 0 Don't smoke but live with peoplewho   
Up to 30 minutes most days of the week--- 1      smoke ------------------------------------- 2
Very little ------------------------------------- 2 Quit less than three years ago----------- 2
  Currently smoke -------------------------- 3

I have high blood sugar levels or diabetes

My family history is
No ----------------------------------------------0

No family history of heart attacks-------- 0

Yes -------------------------------------------- 2 One blood relative has heart disease ---- 1
  More blood relatives have heart disease --2

What is your Risk Score?
A score of 0 to 4 indicates low risk of developing heart disease
A score of 5 to 8 indicates moderate risk of developing heart disease
A score of 9 to 17 indicates high risk of developing heart disease
Note: This score system gives an approximate estimate of future cardiovascular events based on the
presence of various risk factors. This cannot substitute a medical examination and doctor's advice
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