Cardio Uno Plus Health Checkup - Why?
For early diagnosis and prevention of serious future complications, it is very crucial that, along with the regular preventive health check up , the patient & the family get a thorough professional training to make life-style changes which are extremely important for the long term health and survival. And the surest and the only way to do this is acomprehensive, well coordinated, multispeciality program of medically supervised exercise, diet advice, yoga-stress management and intensive health education, all under one roof and that is Cardio Uno Plus.
Health Check Up With A Difference
Apart from a high quality personalized yet affordable health check up, Cardio Uno Plus's preventive health checkup also provides additional complementary services like :-
Diet counseling       Health Education Video /library
CAD risk score       Preventive Management Consultation
Health Card           Computerized Medical Record File
CAD Risk Score
Estimation if risk for future Heart Attack Based on the presence of various risk factors detected in your health Checkup like cholesterol, weight, blood sugar BP etc. Our Cardio Uno Plus Preventive management software will provide you, your CAD risk score, which is an approximate estimation of your risk of developing heart attack or stroke in future. If your CAD Risk score is above 10, your risk is high and if above 16, your risk is very high. Cardio Uno Plus – Medically supervised exercise – Diet – Yoga – And Health Education Program can be your most reliable partner for reducing your risk.
Health Education Video Shows
Knowledge of the disease is very powerful weapon to prevent and control your disease. As a part of our social service we show 30 min. video film of heart disease to all our health checkup members.
Diet Counseling
Professional dietary guidelines are an extremely important and primary step in the management of heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, obesity and many other disease. Our dietician will provide counseling services to all the health checkup members.
Preventive Health Management Counseling  
A Health Check Up without subsequent guidance and steps of preventive management is an incomplete exercise. Our Cardio Uno Plus's computer software and cardiologist who is a specialist in Preventive management and risk factors control will provide you a valuable guidance for this and with design for you a personalized long term prevention plan. .
Health Card : [ For Travel, Emergency, and Follow up record ]
Cardio Uno Plus Health Card with vital compact medical data will be your life saving partner during your medical emergencies and travel and will be your handy data storage during your medical follow up visits.
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